Latest CD - Fire Away

Judi Nicolson – Originally from Scotland now living in Texas, Judi is an accomplished performer, teacher and past Scottish Fiddle Champion.

Ian Muir – A well renowned accordionist, band leader, soloist and teacher of Scottish music. Ian hails from Prestwick in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Kathy Fraser-Collins, Piano, Fred Collins, Drums, and Rob Wolanski, Double Bass – Three of the finest musicians from Canada although Fred is originally from Scotland. They all played with the late Bobby Brown and The Scottish Accent.

Judi, Ian, Kathy and Fred connected through music several years ago and have since played together on many occasions for Scottish Country Dancing events, workshops and concerts throughout Canada, US, and Australia. The wide variety of music, styles and arrangements will keep you entertained whether you are listening or dancing, so let’s turn up the music and Fire Away!

Recorded and produced by Kathy Fraser-Collins at Torridon Studios Canada.

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CD's are $15 US, £15 UK, and $20 CAD plus P&P. To order copies of Fire Away, contact Judi.

Fire Away - Tracks

1. 4x32 Reels 2:21
Billy’s Reel (John McCusker) - Molly Rankin’s Reel (John Morris Rankin)
Harvey’s Reel (Graham Townsend) - Frank’s Reel (John McCusker)

2. 4x32 Jigs 2:22
Jig for Annie (Ian Muir) - Danny Fraser’s Jig (Jerry Holland)
The Pitteuchar Jig (Douglas Muir) - Jig for Archie (Ian Muir)

3. Slow Air 3:31
Margaret Ann Wallace (Judi Nicolson)

4. Pipe Medley 3:48
Gordon Davidson of Banchory (Graeme Mitchell) - Morag Ramsay (Peter R McLeod)
The Little Cascade (G. S. McLennan)

5. 4x32 Strathspeys 3:59
Music in May (Judi Nicolson) - John Steven of Chance Inn (Angus Fitchet)
Angus Fitchet’s Comps to Ian Powrie (Angus Fitchet ) - Lady Isle (Ian Muir)

6. 4x32 Reels 2:20
Stomach Steinway Man (Iain Lothian) - Hull’s Reel (John Morris Rankin)
Dinky’s Reel (from The Portland Coll. Vol. 1) - MacLeod’s Farewell (Donald Shaw)

7. Slow Air 2:42
Loch Katrine’s Lady (Phil Cunningham)

8. 4x32 Jigs 2:25
Richmorra (Jack Hayes) - Kathy Fraser’s Jig (Jack Hayes)
Christine McCann Gauthier (Wilf Gilles) - Lake Peter (Harold E. Langille)

9. Medley – March Strathspey & Reel 3:24
Pipe Major Willie Gray’s Farewell to the Glasgow Police Pipers (John MacDonald)
Dr McHardy (Banchory) (J Scott Skinner) - The Doctor (J Scott Skinner)

10. 4x32 Waltz 3:05
Waltz for Vaila (Judi Nicolson) - Firlelicht Waltz (Tom Georgeson)
Da Dance O’ Da Sooth-Wast Wind (Tom Georgeson) – Fascadale (Iain Peterson)

11. 4x32 Reels 2:24
Mary Claire’s Reel (Jerry Holland) - Holmes’ Hornpipe (MM Publishing, C Cole)
John Turner (Arthur S Robertson) - John Pottinger’s Comps to the late Ronnie Cooper (John Pottinger)

12. "Edith Piaf" Accordion Medley 5:40
La Goualante Du Pauvre Jean (Marguerite Monnot) - L’accordioniste (Michel Emer)
Hymne A L’Amour (Marguerite Monnot) - Milord (Marguerite Monnot)
La Vie en rose (Louis Guglielmi and Marguerite Monnot) - Non je ne regrette rien (Charles Dumont)

13. 4x32 Jigs 2:24
The Glenshee Slopes (George Bell) - Provost Tongue of Monifieth (Angus Fitchet)
Tribute to West Renfrewshire (Ian Muir) - Dave Provan’s Fance (John Renton)

14. Pastoral Air 2:12
Sir William Wallace (J Scott Skinner)

15. Hornpipes & Reel Medley 2:38
Fire Away (J Scott Skinner) - Excelsior (J Scott Skinner)
Marjorie’s Fleet-Footed Departure (Judi Nicolson) - Lorna’s Reel (James M Alexander)

16. 3x32 Strathspey 2:57
Dorrator Bridge (J. Braidwood) - J. F Mackenzie (W. J. Ross)
Aspen Bank (trad. Scots)

17. Slow Air 2:30
John Roy Lyall (Eddie Edmond)

18. 4x32 Jigs 2:26
The Old Woman tossed up in a Blanket (trad. Irish)
The House in the Glen (trad. Irish) - The Market Town (trad. Irish)
Father Tom’s Wager (trad. Irish)

19. 4x32 Reels 2:25
Hannah Renton’s Reel (Judi Nicolson) - My Otis Thomas Mandolin (Jerry Holland)
Over the Moor to Maggie (The Portland Coll. Vol. 1) - The Rashenlochy Reel (Judi Nicolson)

20. Waltz 2:25
The Waltz We Never Danced (Judi Nicolson)