Judi Nicolson, originally from Banchory, Scotland, is a consummate performer; her dynamic fiddling, engaging stage presence and deep understanding of Scotland’s music has created a demand for her solo appearances, concerts, and dances throughout America and Canada.

Judi was trained in both classical and traditional styles; however, from an early age, her passion has always been to play traditional Scottish fiddle music. By the age of fifteen, Judi had won three major open Scottish fiddle championships including the Golden Fiddle Award – a competition that attracted competitors from around the world. She went on to play at various music venues throughout the U.K., both as a soloist and alongside some of the finest Scottish dance bands.

In 1990, Judi relocated to Shetland, continuing her musical career and taking a position with the Shetland Musical Heritage Trust as Musical Archivist to transcribe Dr. Tom Anderson’s music collection. Shetland’s music and its many musicians became a huge influence to Judi, as she regularly played with Violet Tulloch at venues in addition to producing a multitude of recordings both for TV and Radio. She also had many opportunities to play with the late Willie Hunter who was a huge influence on her playing. Great times were had during these years. Throughout her time in Shetland, Judi taught traditional fiddle music across the islands, ensuring that traditional music would continue to thrive.

Over the years, Judi has performed in television, radio and theater productions, and has recorded two solo albums as well as 14 albums with various musicians and bands.

Judi is a qualified teacher of both classical violin and traditional fiddle in Scotland.

In 2004, Judi, her husband Ian and their two children relocated to Inverurie, Scotland, and she quickly accepted a position to teach classical and traditional violin throughout schools in the area. During this time, she played with several of Scotland’s finest musicians. In 2008, Judi and her family moved once again to Katy, Texas, where Judi swiftly made her mark on the music scene throughout North America. She reconnected with the late Bobby Brown, who formed the “Cape Breton Symphony” at TAC week 2010, and formed a close bond with Kathy and Fred Collins, who, along with Rob Wolanski, played in the band, “Scottish Accent.” After several bookings, Kathy, Fred, Rob and Judi recorded a CD together.

Judi continues to be in high demand for teaching, performing at concerts, and for Scottish country dances, workshops, and Balls worldwide.