Welcome to the sound that is Judi Nicolson, FiddleMyStyle! This ensemble including Kathy Fraser Collins, Fred Collins and Rob Wolanski, travels through airs, waltzes, hornpipes, jigs, marches, strathspeys and reels with equal ease and brilliance giving each type of music its own magic. The sensitivity of the supporting cast gives Judi the space to breathe life into every note she plays.

FiddleMyStyle has airs that tug at your heart, pipe marches phrased to perfection, waltzes and hornpipes in a “old timey” style, Shetland reels that are light as a feather and yet solid as a rock!

Judi excels as a performer, also as a composer!

If your travel itinerary did not include Scotland, no worries, sit back and listen! You can take the fiddler out of Scotland, but never Scotland out of the fiddler in FiddleMyStyle!

Ron Wallace - RSCDS Teacher & Musician


To learn more about Judi's music, latest book, and album release go here. You can also contact Judi for more information about her music, booking for performances, and tuition.